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Only guests who are sent a unique payment link from our organisers and who have pre-paid will be on the guest list. Unfortunately anyone else will not be able to take part. We have lovely, friendly, hosts to chat to participants before, during and after the event to make everyone feel welcome. As soon as everyone has arrived we ask everyone to take their seats and the speed dating begins.

We try very hard to achieve a mix of different people; they may or may not be JJunction members. They may be active in the community or not affiliated at all. The thing all guests have in common is that they are single, looking to meet someone and are open to give speed dating a go. However, she received 5 mutual matches!

Tips from an interviewer at HackerX

There is the story of the girl who said she knew 10 of the 13 guys at her speed dating event and then had five mutual matches by the end of the night. Just click on the Register button and fill in your details. When we organise a speed dating event that is suitable for you, we will email you a personal invitation and a unique payment link. You can choose to attend or not, but an early response is essential as our events are popular and the limited spaces fill up fast.

Why should I try speed dating? How is JJunction speed dating different? Will there be a large age difference between the participants?

Do you have to be a JJunction member to attend? How does it work? What is a mutual match? Does everyone get a match? How successful is JJunction speed dating? Can I bring a friend? For companies, the pitch is that each developer was hand picked by the event coordinators. There is a generally a specific focus too.

I spoke to over 30 developers that night. I reached out to two. And I currently work with zero.

Speed Dating Your Way to a Better Tech Job

It was a bust. All in all though, HackerX did a good job organizing the event. There was free food and beer. The fast-paced interviewing ran like clockwork. The developers just kinda sucked. At least, they interviewed that way. Understandable, since this was a new experience for everyone in the room. As an interviewer, I saw many strategies that developers took.

If I were to attend as a candidate, these are some of the things I would focus on. Research shows that you have six minutes and 25 seconds to make a solid first impression in a job interview.

While first impressions are hard to shake, at least with a real interview you get that chance. A staggering number of candidates spent too long complaining about their current situation. Why their company was wronging them and how much better they are than that. They focused on everything negative. Tell me about it later in a full interview. They spent most of the conversation explaining why they were content.

They wanted to see what was out there. Unfortunately, most of these people chose to mention this at the very end of the conversation. To me, this was a waste of both our times. Uh, maybe contact you so I can hire you? I left so many of the conversations utterly confused.


Speed Dating and Lock and Key Parties in London and across The UK – Original Dating

But be upfront about it. Let the interviewer of the hook.

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We can take a break and chat.