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  2. Woman cons dozens of men into 'date' then sets them against each other
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Tinder | New York Post

The main issue about Tinder as a whole is that it tends to be the go-to for one night stands. If there is a meet up, is usually an encounter where both parties just wanted casual sex with a stranger.

DATING in New York City

Sadly, the answer is yes. Tinder has revealed through statistics that cities who have young professionals have the most users. New York City certainly sits in that category so it would seem that a high percentage of people are using Tinder. In a city where people are used to getting what they want when they want it, Tinder perpetuates a dating behavior that is mostly without compassion or connectivity. For both men and women, Tinder may offer you plenty of matches. Even worse is when you connect with someone and start focusing energy onto that one person.

Woman cons dozens of men into 'date' then sets them against each other

You stop looking at the other people around you and forego other options from people you meet face to face on the weekends while socializing. The feeling is completely different than when you were texting with them? You look back on that nice moment you shared with someone the other weekend.

This is one of the major ways Tinder can interfere on your dating life in NYC. The article starts in an upmarket bar located in the financial district of Manhattan. The narrator says that everyone in the bar was Tindering.

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What should be an evening out drinking in New York turns out to be a date with your phone and anonymous people that will never be met. The authors point was that how could you connect with the attractive person sitting next to you while fixated on your phone? Not necessarily a Tinder issue but it is one more distraction. By choosing who you might want to know, you take the excitement, joy, and romance out of dating in NYC.

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Also, Sales stated that Tinder is strictly a hook up app. But a few weeks later, a new message popped up and he realized she was not making an excuse.

Genuinely didn't think she would message me," he wrote. He told Aponte he would meet her at Union Square on Saturday, and like a good date, he showed up promptly at 6 o'clock. He said he found Aponte's Instagram profile beforehand, and saw that she describes herself as a singer, actress, and model, and that she has nearly 3, followers. This gave Spencer some pause, but decided to show up anyway. Unbeknownst to him, dozens of other men were also invited to the "date. When Spencer arrived at Union Square, he waited for Aponte near a stage that was set up in the park, like she told him to do.

Finally, he spotted his date. But what she did next surprised him — she stepped onto the stage, surrounded by what he describes as about people and some bodyguards. Finally, it started to make sense to Spencer: At that point, he decided to go home, saying he was "too old" for this twisted game. Other men duped by Aponte stayed in the park.

Spencer took a photo of the scene before he left, showing Aponte on stage in an all-black outfit and several men gazing up at her, some with amused smirks, others with a look of utter shock. Another person who corresponded with Aponte sent her Tinder message to the Gothamist, and, like Spencer, Aponte invited the man on a date in Union Square Saturday. The Tinder messages appear to use almost the exact same language that Spencer described. One man appears to be frustrated by the woman's scheme, and starts chanting profanities at the woman as he walks away from the crowd.

Another video shows about 11 men actually participating in Aponte's dating "Hunger Games. A large crowd gathered around the men who tried to prove their worthiness of Aponte's attention. Aponte did not immediately respond to CBS News' request for comment and it is unclear who she really is, if that is her real name or if her real motive was to find a worthy gentleman to date. Spencer did not immediately reply to CBS News' request for comment, either.


New York woman dupes dozens of guys in bizarre Tinder date

His Twitter thread was retweeted by over 10, people and received countless replies. The audacity, the boldness. I kinda love," one person replied to Spencer's thread. Another man commiserated with Spencer, sharing a screenshot of his own text from Aponte and admitting he was "kinda glad" he was running late to the "date.

Zoo Tinder – how technology is helping animals hook up

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Why women should gamble on dating apps and pick the hottest men | Nichi Hodgson

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