How do you hook up solar panels to your home

How solar power works
  1. How Solar Power Works - Grid Connect Solar: Energy Matters
  2. How to Install an Exterior Solar Panel
  3. Installing a grid connect solar system

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Instalar Energia Solar em sua Casa. Grid tied systems are probably your best bet, especially if you live in an area with reliable power. By having a grid tied system, you are eligible for tax credits, plus you'll be able to sell your excess power back to your power company. However, in order to take advantages of these benefits, you'll have to have it installed by a licensed professional.

While you may be excited to install the system yourself, it really is better to do it this way, as the high voltage associated with the systems can cause serious injury.

How Home Solar Power System Works

Make sure you look into all of the incentives open to you before you proceed. Certain states require particular types or brands of solar panels or the other equipment that makes up the system. There are also separate state vs federal benefits, so talk to your power company about all of the options available to you.

How Solar Power Works - Grid Connect Solar: Energy Matters

Some power companies will even buy back your excess power. Install the solar panels. Once you're ready, install the solar panels. Choose the best type of panel for you and get enough of the to produce the amount of power you need.

How to Install an Exterior Solar Panel

This is another area where a professional can be really helpful, as there is a lot of math involved in figuring out the necessary number of panels. Connect the panels to an inverter. If you live in an area where AC power is used, you'll need to connect your solar panels to an inverter, which converts the DC current created by the panels into usable AC power. You can get a single large inverter to which all the panels connect, or you can get micro inverters, which connect to each of the individual panels.

The second is usually best if you have more than two or three panels, as you will be able to more easily find out where bad connections or downed panels are. Most states require grid tied systems to be connected to a DC or AC disconnect, which acts like a breaker box, separating the solar panels from the rest of the system. This makes it safer to do future repairs. Your hired professional will understand if this is necessary and what type is best for your system.

Install extra power meters.

Have your power company install any extra power meters that are necessary. This is likely, as your power company will want to measure your grid input, output, and off-grid use. Contact your power company for more information. Connect the solar system to the grid. Connect your inverter to the disconnect and then your disconnect to your main meter.

This will cause you to feed electricity into the system, spinning your meter backwards. Create enough juice and you'll earn yourself a monthly or annual check from your power company. Consider adding batteries as back up. If you're worried about the main grid power going out, such as you live in a rural area or an area frequented by storms, you'll want to consider adding a bank of deep cycle batteries to your system.

These would connect separately to your house and your solar panels, and store power in case of emergencies. Whenever the sun shines and even in overcast weather , the solar cells generate electricity. Some electricity companies will meter the electricity fed into the grid by your system and provide a credit on your bill. How much you are paid is determined by the feed-in tariff. When the solar cells are not producing power, for example at night, your power is supplied by the mains power grid as usual. Most customers choose a roof mounted solar power system. Make the Electrical Connections Inside After the grounding wire is run, make the proper electrical connections inside.

Create a Solar Powered Shed 11 Steps.

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Creating Energy Efficient Windows 4 Steps. How to Install Landscaping Lights 3 Steps. Bury Conduit and Build a Platform Step 2: Mount the Panels Step 3: Secure the Rear Legs Step 4: Wire the Solar Modules Step 5: Understand the Wire Connections Step 6: Connect the Cables to the Control Panels Step 7: Ground the System Step 8: Make the Electrical Connections Inside.

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Installing a grid connect solar system

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  5. How to Install an Exterior Solar Panel | how-tos | DIY.
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