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Hello Wim, the pumps turn up on USA.

You have choices on what to use for globes and shades. There is also an adapter to let you use a modern Coleman globe http: There have been mica globes out there, but I don't know of any on the market right now. Otherwise, just get a reproduction glass shade and enjoy! The nib on the tip of the pump is shaped to make a gas tight connection to the fitting on the fount. You could drill and tap the fitting to accept a bicycle valve fitting Neighbor Al , Jan 24, Ah you don't need to drill and tap.

If you dismantle a Primus pump check valve you will find the end thread of the body fits the Coleman filler cap needle valve thread. You just weld a Shrader valve to the Primus part and you have an adaptor for a cycle pump. Been working for me for maybe 20 years. Mackburner , Jan 25, I regret that I don't have access to part that you do over there. That sounds like a delightfully easy solution.

Neighbor Al , Jan 25, Plenty of them in Europe and I dare say like most folks I have a few lurking in the parts boxes. Anyway this is what it looks like.

Coleman Collectors - Great Lakes - Madison Wisconsin - Lanterns & Stoves

As promised, a few photo's. I would like to add, the 'vertical toppart' of the burner has an "F" on it, doesn't mean a thing to me, might tell you something!!!

Coleman US lamps – 3 – after the mid s – The Terrence Marsh Lantern Gallery

Wim , Jan 25, Sep 6, Messages: Very clever how you got your budgie to perch on top of it for the photograph David Shouksmith , Jan 25, I don't think this is your average ordinary CQ. They are always polished nickel plated. Problem here is we actually don't know which is which but I do know they are pretty rare beasts so don't clean that tank any more than you have to.

Wim, did you buy the lamp on, er, 'hire purchase'..?

Dating a Coleman CQ

David Shouksmith , Jan 26, Last edited by a moderator: This lamp is dated July, Models G left and A right are match lighting models; they require a separate pump and were economy models. This lamp is dated Aug. Coleman made this Model in June, Model is another instant lighting gasoline model made in Wichita. The two pint fount is finished in two tone Indian Bronze paint, seen here with the globe but not the parchment shade. The lamp requires a separate pump. Model is similar in features to models above except that it is a kerosene model. It was sold with a No globe as Model G; with a parchment shade and the globe it was sold as Model The finish on this lamp is Indian Bronze.

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The Model gasoline lamp came in a glossy-black B , spring-green G , cream-ivory I , or wine-red R base. The series were match generating, according to a Coleman Wichita catalog. When equipped with a T44K generator, they were kerosene fueled, torch generating, and had the suffix K in the model number. They originally came with mica globes and parchment shades.

The Model instant lighting gasoline lamp came in a glossy-black B or spring-green G base. These three mantle, cp lamps also appear in the s Coleman Wichita catalog. Note the tip cleaner wheel left on this model that also featured a built-in pump and came with a parchment shade over the Pyrex glass globe. This is the Model table lamp with a parchment shade. This shade is the Poinsettia pattern. It was manufactured in October, Note the two pegs in the bottom bracket of the reflector to engage the corresponding holes in the globe cage bottom for attachment.

This model was produced from ; some of them have the fount finished in green paint rather than nickel plated as here.

type a model number or name in the box below:

The blue handled Coleman reflector, C, is made for the series, , and model lanterns. Coleman lanterns with an American Optical film strip and slide projector left and a Society for Visual Education Inc. The potential markets were missionaries and rural communities that lacked electric power, according to a Coleman News.

The Charles Beseler Co. It is unique among the three in having an attachment to show lantern slides lower image in addition to 35mm slides and film strips upper image.

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  4. The two attachments are mounted in the bottom of the case in front of the lantern for transport. Note the alcohol preheating can for the kerosene fueled lantern in the images. This lantern is in a Coleman collection near Sugarcreek, Ohio. This Model D dated A 50 is unusual in having the sides of the brass fount painted green instead of being nickel plated.

    Coleman may have been testing the paint or the market for these prior to making all of them this way in A The purpose of the hood left is to reflect light out. The clamp right allows attachment to a boat or other object; the accessory was presumably marketed to fishermen. This Model lantern, dated Dec. The two downward projections at the bottom of the bracket fit into holes in the globe cage base on these models. Coleman in Wichita, Kansas, made the Model lantern in The valve wheels on these lanterns are brown plastic and there is no decal on the side of the fount. These earliest A lanterns had green painted steel founts and, by November, also had the Coleman decal.

    Months after Coleman — Wichita stopped making the Model , they apparently got a wing nut to fasten the frame, and the embossed nickel plated brass collar from Coleman — Toronto bottom image as for the lantern below, to fill a special order for the Office of Civil Defense OCD Boschen.